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Michael Paramonti..behind the lens

I am an award winning travel and landscape photographer from Germany. My passion is to capture the diversity of Mother Earth by photographing ceremonies, festivals, people, sceneries and citieviews. Photography is an important subject in my life and much more than only capturing light.
By the way, I´m often asked if my family name is original or a pseudonym. I can guarantee that it is 100% genuine due to my Italian ancestors, but I’m very sorry I don’t speak Italian.
As a child of the 80s, I was born in Germany, Mettmann (North-Rhine-Westphalia). Back in my childhood, no camera was safe from me and my curiosity of what can be done with it. I developed my skills and fascination later in the Albrecht Dürer School for art & design photography.
Today I live in the South West of Germany, in the beautiful area of the BLACK FOREST Nationalpark. It is a fantastic region, with many spots for mystic and moody sceneries. My home base is in the old historiacl city Gengenbach, but travel for my photo journeys around the globe.
When travelling, the view through the viewfinder is not only a tool for me, but also a medium to dive deeper into different cultures and traditions. The camera serves me again and again as an important means of communication and bridge to other cultures or ethnic minorities. I´m fascinated by Myanmar. Especially impressive where my contacts to the burmesian people, the buddhist monks and the happy and cheerful children who often live under very poor circumstances.
My goal is to create appealing pictures that give an impression of the stories and how it felt to meet the many different people in their places. The encounters with the natives and their often very exciting traditions very often attract me in different mystical ways.
I find my favorite motives and themes in Asia and Indonesia, but of course also on my own doorstep in the fairytale Black Forest.
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Many of my pictures were awarded in the past few years:

2020: Finalist „Shortlist“ SONY World Photography Awards (Travel open)
2019: Gold-Medal Trierenberg Super Circuit
2017: 1. Place 14th Schömberg Autumn Festival for Travel Photography and Photo Journalism
2015: 1. Place 13th Schömberg Autumn Festival for Travel Photography and Photo Journalism
2017: GAP Gold-Medal „5th Olympic Photo Circuit“
2017: 1. Place IPOTY „International Photographer of the year 2017“ (Architecture)
2016: 2. Place IPA „International Photography Award 2016“ (Travel)
2015: Finalist „Outdoor Photographer of the year 2015“

My travel documentary about the working environment of the javanesian labour was award winning and I achieved may honorable mentions and finals. It is always a hopeful expectation to wait and see how the Jury decides the next time.

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